Why St. Mary’s



When considering the best educational option for your child, you obviously have to consider your child—what makes them tick?, how do they learn best—hands on projects, reading, listening?, how do they like to socialize—in large or small groups?, how much structure and support do they need?, are they self-motivated or do they benefit from extra encouragement? St. Mary’s teachers know their students as unique learners and individuals. This depth of understanding means that teachers can create an effective learning environment that meets the needs of each child. 




  • A Center-based classroom model provides individual attention as needed, opportunities for both independent and collaborative work, and the perfect environment for teachers to assure and guide each child’s progress.

  • A sequential curriculum builds on a growing body of knowledge and skill set, so students are always advancing to the next level. Coursework is aligned with Massachusetts standards and frameworks while being implemented with creativity and imagination.

  • Religion as faith and also as a way of life, is integral to the St. Mary’s program and community. Regular coursework lays both an historical and values-based foundation that inspires hard work and compassion.

  • A strong Parent-School Partnership helps us know your children better, keeps you informed about their progress, and contributes to a vibrant, inclusive community.

  • Arts and Athletics are part of a complete educational experience at St. Mary’s and help your children explore all the parts of their identities.

  • As a school that is committed exclusively to students in grades PreK–8, St. Mary’s focuses all its attention and resources on the specific needs of this age group.

  • St. Mary’s size is small enough to provide a personal experience, in which every student is known and valued, yet large enough to offer a wide range of opportunities for exploration and growth.

  • Developing cultural competency is the natural by-product of a respectful learning environment that honors difference, and celebrates families who represent more than 25 first languages.

  • St. Mary’s is a safe place to learn and grow. Students feel a sense of both emotional and physical security here that allows them to explore freely.