Home & School Partnership


The strength of the St. Mary’s community relies on the collaborative relationships between teachers, administrators, and families. Knowing your children well—how they learn, how they think, how they feel—is what makes St. Mary’s teachers able to create an effective and engaging learning environment. Individual success comes from our ability to challenge students just the right amount, provide additional support when needed, and inspire students through activities based on different interests and goals. We can meet your children’s needs better when we communicate regularly with families and keep each other informed.


 When families participate in their child’s education by supporting work around shared values and objectives, they set an important example—for both their children and others in the community. Their work inspires those around them to give and underscores the value of volunteering. Additionally, when parents cheer for their children’s sports teams or for theatrical performances; when they help organize school events or offer their professional expertise for a classroom project; our whole community is stronger and more vibrant. Families are not only welcome here; they are an essential part of what makes us who we are.