The student experience at St. Mary’s benefits from a holistic approach to education that provides opportunities for growth both in and out of the classroom. While academics are the core of our curriculum, we know that each child’s social and emotional development requires equally intentional programming. Whether through meaningful relationships in our Buddy Program that provide mentorship and guidance, or an emphasis on the Virtue of the Month that directs our collective thinking, all learning at St. Mary’s is woven together to assure strong minds, bodies, and souls.


  • The Buddy Program pairs older and younger students who collaborate on special projects, sit together during Mass, and forge lasting friendships. 
  • Parking Lot Prayers on Monday mornings give everyone a chance to reflect on the Virtue of the Month and consider how we can demonstrate it in our own lives and as a community.
  • Small class sizes allow teachers to spend time on both emotional and academic progress.

Our School Counselor helps us understand student actions in context, as we work together toward a restorative justice approach to discipline.