St. Mary’s Early Childhood Curriculum


Leveraging the joy of learning for children aged 2.9–4 years



St. Mary’s teachers know that if a student’s first educational experience is a positive one, then children will be set up for success of all kinds—in both school and life. They will love to learn, and t

hey will take on new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence. As such, every day is an adventure in the St. Mary’s PreK and K1 classrooms. As students receive instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and religion, the emphasis is on building academic and emotional readiness. Practicing both independent and collaborative learning skills, children start to develop their sense of personal identity as well as see themselves as part of a community and consider how they connect to others. Daily lesson plans have just the right amount of structure and predictability, so children always know what to expect and what is expected of them. C

hildren come to appreciate school as a place to love and be loved, ask questions, find answers, and have fun.



The St. Mary’s Early Childhood Program focuses on critical developmental milestones, competencies, and concepts—

from social-emotional skills to the beginnings of numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking. Our partnership with the Lynch Foundation Early Childhood Initiative allows us to offer a progressive, research-based curriculum that supports all areas of growth, including self-regulation and social development.


Our Early Childhood Program emphasizes social and emotional growth through developmentally age appropriate activities for 2.9 to 4 year old children. Through cooperative learning, exploration, and hands-on activities, we foster a love for learning in all our students. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that helps to build a positive self-image and intellectual curiosity.