Catholic Identity




At St. Mary’s, we believe that spiritual development is an essential part of a child’s growth and requires as much instructional care and guidance as do core academic disciplines. It is our Catholic faith that informs how we learn, how we treat each other, and how we act every day. Families of all faiths are welcome at St. Mary’s, and we cherish the diversity in our community that reflects many perspectives and ways of worship. It is the elemental Catholic values and emphasis on good works that are central to our identity, define our community, and support each of us as we explore and practice what it means to live a virtuous life.


Religious education is a core course of study throughout the curriculum, across all grades. Moreover, we strive to live our faith every day, demonstrating our loving relationships with God and to each other. As children navigate the world’s nuanced moral landscape, they embrace a code of behavior that is rooted in Catholicism and also universally accepted in practice.