Character & Leadership


Empowering students to be strong leaders requires patience and practice. As such, St. Mary’s students have abundant opportunities to test their leadership skills (listening, guiding, organizing, teamwork, etc.). Various leadership roles across all areas of school life mean that students can have an impact in the ways that interest them most.

  • Community Service is an important part of daily life at St. Mary’s, and underscores our commitment to helping others. The minimum required hours are often exceeded, as students embrace their service to school, local organizations, and charities around the world.

  • Student Council provides students with meaningful decision making and planning roles that give them important collaborative experience and agency over school activities.

  • All-school events like the Halloween party require all-hands-on set up crews, that demonstrate the benefits of hard work and good teamwork.

  • Food drives give students a chance to organize school-wide efforts and understand what it takes to make a difference.

  • Student Ambassador Program allows students to advocate for their school and practice their presentation skills as they introduce prospective families to St. Mary’s.